The Band

Heels To The Hardwood is a soulful Americana rock band that commands the vocal stage with powerhouse vocals, expressive and honest lyrics, intricate guitar riffs, smooth notes of keyboard and pedal steel, and pulsating back beats that will keep your toes tapping and your feet stomping. 

Since forming in Spring 2011 in Seattle, WA, Heels To The Hardwood has played numerous shows around the Pacific Northwest. The band released their debut self-titled album, “Heels To The Hardwood”, in September 2014 and they released their second full lenth album “Love Versus Tragedy” in February 2017.





David John - Vocals / Guitar

David has been writing and playing music longer than he can remember. There are very few moments in his life where music wasn't a major part of it. David has toured across the United States playing at music venues and festivals during his previous collaboration, Handful of Luvin'. 






Jeff DeMelle - Bass

Jeff's easy going demeanor and passion for the bass has served him well during his long music career. Playing in several top performance groups has taken him on various national and international tours with groups such as Publish the Quest, Clinton Fearon, Jumbalassy, and many more.







Jesse Honor - Drums

Relatively new to the scene, Jesse was the first to collaborate with David to create Heels to the Hardwood. Jesse has played sporadically in a myriad of settings and styles throughout the years. From jazz and latin in Central America to metal and punk in the late 90's. He also currently plays with Parzival, a Seattle-based zen rock band.





Kevin Stiles - Pedal Steel / Dobro / Guitar

Kevin is a multi-instrumentalist who has played with bands around the northwest ranging from Heavy Progressive Rock to Acoustic Folk. Utilizing both the pedal steel and lap steel guitar in Heels to the Hardwood, he creates a diverse sound that complements Heels To The Hardwood’s unique style of American Soul music. Kevin's eclectic influences and natural approach to the guitar allow him to play with no boundaries, aiming to keep the instrument's sound unique, fresh, and familiar.



Patrick Files - Guitar / Vocals

Patrick joined the band in lieu of guitarist Colby Sander moving to Nashville to pursue studio work. Patrick was a founding member and bass player in Handful of Luvin' and is one of David's oldest friends. A true Renaissance man, Patrick claims he can play anything with strings, but favors guitar, bass, banjo, and ukelele. Patrick's influences go back to his youth in punk rock bands and concert trumpet.